Keynotes: DJ Krust, Melissa Chemam

Victoria Rooms, University of Bristol, UK

This joint BFE-/RMA-supported study day invites researchers and practitioners to discuss bass music and bass culture, with emphasis on how we define, theorise, and practice these emerging phenomena.

With a steadily increasing array of academic publications in the field reflecting bass music’s global popularity and value, we believe the organisation of an interdisciplinary conference on this topic in the lively city of Bristol is both timely and relevant to a broad audience.

Our aim is that the event will encourage networking, discussion, and debate among (for example) scholars of electronic dance music and global hip-hop, theorists interested in affect and materialism in low-frequency sonic practice, and cultural historians of reggae and dub music. We also welcome DJs, producers, promoters, managers, distributors, musicians, students, and fans from across the spectrum of contemporary popular music.

The organising committee includes Ivan Mouraviev, Zach Diaz, and Mark Higgins (University of Bristol) and Dr Steven Gamble (BIMM Institute, Brighton).

Enquiries: lowendtheories2020@gmail.com